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Nissan Leaf 2018

Are you looking for a Used Nissan Leaf 2018? We provide Used Electric and Hybrid Cars for sale throughout England, Scotland Wales and the UK.

History of the Nissan Leaf

Nissan launched its very first electric vehicle in 1947; it took over six decades for the Nissan Leaf to be born. During that time, it moved from prototype to limited-production car and back to prototype once again.

In 1947, Nissan constructed a restricted variety of Tama Electric Vehicle Cars as one alternative solution to the lack of supply in oil after the War. The production life of these vehicles was limited, nevertheless, as Japanese trade started to grow and oil imports ended up being less expensive.

The 1980s saw many firsts for electric cars, with Nissan presenting a lot of them. The first induction motor featured the March EV in 1983. A new big-window tourist guide's EV was introduced in 1985 as the EV Guide-II with a comparable brother, the EV Resort, which entered into limited production for sale to resort hotels.

In 1995, the FEV II was presented at the Tokyo Motor Show and as one of the very first principles to include lithium-ion batteries. Its style was a precursor to the LEAF as we understand it today, featuring a toned body, flush headlamps, and the lack of a grill as well as a front-mounted charging port.

Nissan introduced its first battery electric vehicle, the Nissan Altra, on 29 December 1997. The Altra was produced between 1998 and 2002. About 200 cars were ever made, and it was mainly used as a fleet car for business such as electric utilities.

In 2009, Nissan unveiled the EV-11 model electric cars, visually the most LEAF-like and was what eventually became the LEAF. Later that same year, the first 2009 Nissan LEAF was presented and began production late in the year for a 2010 sales launch. It got in the Japanese, American, and European markets with significant success.