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 Nissan Leaf  Electric Car Trims

From May 2013, due to the rising demand and logistics, Nissan began the production of Leafs from Sunderland, UK. These are the first UK built Leafs which incorporate the 24kWh battery size, with an additional upgrade to the 6.6kW charger which means a faster rate of charge from a domestic charger.

The trim levels remain the same. However, there has been a slight update to the interior of the vehicles depending on the trim level. The uniform cream upholstery has been replaced with black cloth in the mid-range Acenta and high-end Tekna specs, complemented by a black dashboard. 

There is an additional "Eco mode" added to the higher trim levels. When activated, the vehicle is programmed to reduce the power output and usage, thus extending the range of the vehicle. This includes reducing the heat output and the power of the electric motor by up to 30%. The heating matrix also received an upgrade in the new UK model- being more efficient in use and reducing the impact it has on the range of the vehicle when in use. 

interior of a nissan leaf visia

Cream interior upholstery of Visia

black interior of a nissan leaf tekna

Black interior upholstery of Acenta and Tekna


The most basic trim level available. Although built in the UK, this spec is mostly unchanged from the previous incarnations. It utilises the "old" heater and hasn't been given the new "Eco mode" feature. The interior upholstery is mostly cream in colour. 


This is when you can start to see the evolution of the Leaf. The most notable change is the black cloth upholstery with the dashboard to match. The new Eco Mode can be activated via a button on the steering wheel to reduce the power output and extend the remaining range. This change, coupled with the new 6.6kW charger which almost doubles the charging speed, has increased the range of the 24 kWh battery to roughly 100 miles. 


The top of the range specification features everything and more. The interior upholstery has been upgraded to black heated leather seats and heated steering wheels. There is an addition of 360-degree cameras for parking assistance. This spec features 17" alloy wheels (lower specs have 16" steel wheels) and an upgraded to Bose speaker systems.